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What is a 360 booth?

Guests step on a platform while a camera rotates around them creating a mesmerizing video. Your guests will be laughing when they watch their videos seconds after the recording. Our staff with years of experience will ensure your guests are having more fun than a regular photo booth can offer.  All videos can be shared right to their phones to promote sharing on social media.

Group 25.png


Backdrop enclosure

This is the best way to create a more immersive experience and to take the 360 booth to the next level. Stunning backgrounds for the video, less distracting people in the back of the videos, and more in line with your theme!

How does our 360 booth work?

Work with our team to create a personalized video for your event.

Step 1

At the event, your guests will step onto our 360 platform with the help of our friendly attendants.

Step 2

The camera will spin around and create a video of your guests. Our friendly attendants will direct and give suggestions to make your video look amazing!

Step 3

The video will be uploaded to an online gallery within minutes and your guests will be able to view it on a live gallery and download it onto their phones.

Step 4

The Basic
360 Booth Package

  • A modern, sleek, 360 booth

  • Unlimited number of sessions

  • Customized template design

  • Video audio background

  • 1-2 Photobooth operators

  • Instant Sharing Station

  • Digital copies

  • Live Gallery

Group 21.png

360 Add-ons

C2 - Branding platform.png

Get an elegantly custom designed vinyl wrap to put on the 360 platform with names and logos

Vinyl Wrapped Platform

3 strip d.JPG

Add more depth to your videos with the help of smoke/fog machine

Smoke/Fog Machine

360.7 - enclosure.JPG

Make the 360 experience more intimate with a 360 backdrop enclosure! This increases the visual appeal for the video and mitigates being able to see other guests or objects in the back of the video

Backdrop Enclosure


Large 32-42" monitor to share a live slideshow of the video files (Show projectors or tv)

Large Monitor

360.8 - disc.JPEG

If you want the best of both worlds, you can add the traditional booth to give your guests the option of traditional prints, GIFs and Boomerangs!

Discounted Traditional Booth


The video will be uploaded to an online gallery within minutes!

Animated Overlays

Frame 3.png

We guarantee you the best photobooth experience. 
Let's work together!

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